Latest Models From Hyundai's Electrifying EV & Hybrid Lineup

Latest Models From Hyundai's Electrifying EV & Hybrid Lineup

In reviewing Hyundai's electric vehicle model lineup, there are no bad things to say. Hyundai is the automobile manufacturer that offers the largest selection of alternative powertrain vehicles in Canada. Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, and fuel cell models are all available to drivers looking for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious model.


Hyundai's Alternative Powertrains


Hyundai also updated the alternative hybrid powertrain to complete the impressive EV, PHEV, and Hybrid lineup. The new Hybrid models combine a powerful internal combustion engine with an efficient electric motor to optimize both power and fuel efficiency by switching between both engines or combining the two.


The new IONIQ Hybrid sedan starts at $25,649; the Sonata Hybrid sedan starts at $40,199, and the Santa Fe Hybrid SUV starts at $43,799.


Plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) provide an all-electric driving range thanks to a larger electric battery before switching back to gas power and operating as a traditional hybrid vehicle. Hyundai offers one PHEV--the Ioniq PHEV that starts at $32,649 in Canada.


Fuel cell vehicles use hydrogen as a fuel source and emit nothing other than water and purified air back into the atmosphere. Hyundai offers the Nexo as a next-generation fuel-cell SUV. It starts at $73,000.


Hyundai's EVs - Ionic and Kona Electric


Hyundai offers two electric cars in their alternative powertrain lineup. Both feature an all-electric powertrain that produces zero emissions, charges quickly, offers outstanding driving range capabilities and is fun to drive.




Starting at $41,599 - the IONIQ Electric sedan comes in two model configurations and can travel up to 274 kilometres on a single charge. It offers the best of everything Hyundai has to offer, including a 10.25-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, interior ambient lighting, Harman/Kardon audio system, LCD digital gauge cluster, and more.


Kona Electric


Starting at $44,999, the ground-breaking KONA Electric SUV is the first electric sub-compact SUV available in Canada. Drivers can travel up to 415 kilometres on a single charge, allowing for fewer recharges, depending on a person's driving habits. Available in three trim levels, the KONA Electric includes many standard driver-assist technologies, drive mode select, Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity, and more.


Hyundai is Ready to Help the Environment


Hyundai offers electric cars and other alternative powertrain models to provide drivers in Canada with sustainable, regenerative, environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional gas-powered vehicles. With its impressive lineup, Hyundai shows that it is one of the top competitors for hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and everything in between.

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