Tire Change - Dealership in Kanata - What Service Can We Offer You in Terms of Tire Change?

Tire Change - Dealership in Kanata - What Service Can We Offer You in Terms of Tire Change?


There are a lot of important parts of a vehicle; however, none of those parts make as much contact with the road as the tires. This makes them incredibly important since they react to the road surface, weather conditions, and more. Tires not only hold the weight of the car but are tied to every part of a car ride from safety to stability.

For those reasons, it is important to use the right tires in the right season and buy new tires before worn-down tires cause an accident that cannot be fixed. When drivers are looking for a tire change or other service in Kanata, they have to look no further than Myers Kanata Hyundai.


Tire Seasons

Tires are important all the time, whether being used in dry driving conditions or slippery wet ones. However, bad tires show their dangerous side most especially during inclement weather. It is incredibly easy to hydroplane on wet roads when tires do not have enough tread on them. In addition, it is hard to get a good grip on icy or snow-covered roads with worn-down tires.


For these reasons alone, it is important to have tires with good tread and are being used in the season for which they are rated. Many drivers use all-season tires, which offer an in-between design that grips on both dry roads in the summer and wet roads in the winter.

However, for drivers in Kanata and across Canada, keeping two sets of tires available for a vehicle is advisable. The first set would be summer tires (often all-season tires) that are used during the spring and summer when roads are hot and dry. The second set is a set of winter tires that have deeper tread and provide more grip on slippery or slushy roads. With Ottawa receiving up to 2234mm of snow each year, a good pair of winter tires really comes in handy.


Tire Effects

Tires need to be inspected often to determine their tread length and usable life. Tires with low tread are a safety hazard, putting vehicle occupants at risk. They are dangerous because tires with low tread cannot grip the road well, cannot turn safety, and take longer to stop. These tires are not performing optimally, which equates to dangerous driving.


Tires that are not balanced or aligned properly, are wearing down, or are even underinflated affect the efficiency of a vehicle. When tires start to wear down, drivers will see their fuel bill start the climb. In addition, tires that are going bad also have effects on the drivability of a vehicle, making the vehicle vibrate or pull to one side.


Getting Tire Change Service in Kanata

Myers Kanata Hyundai offers tire change and rotation services to get drivers back out on the road. Tires require routine maintenance like any other part of a vehicle, and they should not be overlooked.

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